Tips on how to reduce energy bills

Small changes can add up to a big difference on your energy bills. It is important to stay warm and a room under 18 degrees could put your health at risk during the winter months.


  • Turn your thermostat down just one degree, unless you have a health condition that could be impacted
  • Reduce your boiler flow temperature to sixty degrees to see savings of up to 6%
  • Move your furniture away from radiators to improve air flow


  • Wash your clothes at a lower temperature, thirty degrees is ok for most items. It is worth using a higher temperature for bedding, towels and underwear though
  • Use a laundry cleanser to kill bacteria at low temperatures
  • Always wash a full load in your dishwasher and washing machine
  • Ditch the tumble dryer as heated airers and dehumidifiers use less energy


  • Use the oven window to check on food rather than opening the door and allowing heat to escape
  • Consider cooking using a microwave, slow cooker or air fryer as these are more energy efficient
  • Don’t overfill the kettle


  • Defrost your fridge and freezer to improve efficiency
  • Bleed your radiators to reduce any cold spots, there are lots of videos available to explain how
  • Use the eco mode on appliances, they may take longer but they use a lot less energy compared to standard options
  • Keep appliances clean to improve their efficiency
  • Switch off standby
  • When it comes to replacing appliances, get one with the best energy efficiency rating


  • Keep the heat in by closing curtains and blinds as temperatures drop overnight
  • Switch off lights when they are not in use
  • Get a smart thermostat for your home
  • Reduce shower time
  • Switch from a bath to a shower

For more information on any of these tips, you can visit MoneySuperMarket, British Gas and Energy Saving Trust

Measure What it does Typical Cost
Radiator reflector panels Used for radiators on exterior walls. They reflect heat away from the wall and back into the room. £2-£10
LED lightbulbs Low energy version of traditional bulbs £3 and up
Eco-balls Reduce tumble drying time by separating clothes to allow better airflow £5-£10
Draught proof windows and doors Stop heat escaping through gaps and draughts from cooling the home £10
Chimney balloons or sheep Stop draughts from the chimney by blocking the space if not in use £15
Hot water cyclinder jacket Insulate the hot water cylinder to keep water hotter for longer £15
Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) Greater control over the temperature of the radiator compared to standard on/off controls £20-£40